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PromoProducts is YOUR HUB for all your promotional needs!

For more than 30 years, Promo Products has been helping individuals and businesses create lasting impressions with our customized logo products. Founded in 1984, we are a family- owned business offering over 500,000 products from our more than 3000 suppliers. We are confident that you will find the quality items you need at, at the prices you want, and with the top-notch customer service you deserve.

Our promotional products are one of the most effective ways to brand your company,  organization, promotion or event.  They are not only a great marketing tool, but are also one of the most cost effective ways to bring attention to your business and increase customer goodwill. Browse our extensive inventory for the exact products you have in mind, or to search for ideas for your next promotion. 

Would you like to see what a branded item would look like with your logo before you buy? Try your idea on for size with a free virtual sample with your logo at has been helping individuals and businesses create lasting impressions for more than 30 years. Let our experienced Promo Products team guide you through the latest industry trends: business and corporate gifts, employee incentive programs, winning campaigns, nonprofit fundraising or the perfect event keepsake. 




Meet Our Founder



Joyce Fox – President

I’ve been in the promotional products business since 1984, over 35 years with the last 12 of them in Florida.  My job is to do the research necessary to find creative and unique products for every client while staying within the budget constraints they have requested.  I currently attend as many trade shows as possible so that I can get the latest ideas and best pricing for my clients. So many of my clients, some for over 30 years, have become great friends, so I always enjoy catching up with them, and coming up with ideas that are unique to them that I know they will really like. Once an order comes in, I check to make sure stock is available, find out the production time and place the order with our supplier.  From this point on, the orders go to Laura for further follow-up.

 In my free time, of which there isn’t a lot, I like to train my new German Shepherd puppy before he trains me.  I also like to practice escape therapy while reading all sorts of novels and biographies.  You can usually find me working out in the gym or taking walks when the day is not too hot, although sometimes I like to sit down in front of the tv and binge watch some of my favorite shows.  My daughter and son-in-law have recently moved to Brandon, Florida, so I take advantage of them being only 1 hour away instead of 3-1/2 and get to visit more frequently.





Meet Our Operations Manager



Laura Himes – Operations Manager

I’ve been involved in the Promotional Products industry for over 29 years. Service to our clients is my main concern as the Operations Manager with Promo World Inc. Interacting with the manufacturers with courtesy and respect is also important in what I do. I am responsible for tracking orders from the time they’re placed until they are in our clients’ hands. This requires dealing with artwork approvals and production schedules, and ensuring deliveries are on time for our clients’ needs. It’s not unusual for me to oversee up to 40 orders at one time.

Outside of work you will very often find me at a skating rink watching the Synchronized Skating Team with which my granddaughter competes. When the weather is right I’ll be out in the garden tending to vegetables or flowers - more is better, I hate cutting grass. With a book in hand, I’ll find a relaxing spot and enjoy the escape into someone else’s world when, I find some downtime.

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