Everyone Uses a Pen - Put Your Name and Logo on a Ballpoint Pen

  • Jun 22, 2022

Everyone Uses A Pen


When it comes to branded promotional products, something small can pack a big punch. Sure, business cards are great for getting your company’s name in front of potential customers, but how often does someone pull out the card and actually use it? Not very often. Most times, it is discarded after a short amount of time. But put your business’s name and logo on a ballpoint pen, and it’s a different story. 


People use pens over and over, and if your business’s name is on those pens, each time they do, they’re reminded of your business. When it comes to economical, effective means of getting your business name out there, the pen is truly mightier than the business card—and most other branded products, too.


At Promo Products, we often recommend pens for memorable, cost-effective branding. Here’s why:


Everyone Uses Pens: No matter the proliferation of computers, people still write—and the pens they use to write with change hands multiple times. For instance, you go the UPS store and use a pen there, put it in your purse/pocket and vacate the premises. Then you go to your mechanic and take out the pen to use there, after which you leave it on the counter for someone else to pick up and take with them.  A pen is also a “one size fits all” promotional item, so it fits everyone’s hands.


Long Shelf Life: Promotional pens are one of the most requested items Promo Products sells. Many of them can last for years, and most are designed to write about 50,000 words before they run out of ink. There is something to be said for having a brand message on a pen, since it is seen every single time the pen is used. Plus, if the person who has the pen is already a customer of yours, their remembrance of your company each time they write with the pen can actually inspire a subconscious loyalty to your company.


Cost Per Impression: When it comes to the cost per impression of a branded pen, the economy cannot be beaten. It costs only a fraction of a penny to imprint a pen with a branded message, which contributes to an impressive return on investment. Based on sales revenue in the promotional products industry, writing instruments are the third bestselling item, after apparel-related items and drinkware. But if you take into consideration the numbers of products sold, pens would likely be either 1 or 2, because hundreds of millions of pens are sold each year, most of them branded. 


Ideal Promotion

Promo Products offers a wide range of cost options for branding, starting at around 14 cents per pen. While you can certainly choose to purchase an inexpensive entry-level pen for your promotion, if you’d really like it to last, you may want to upgrade a bit. Our pen choices range from the basic to ones that have extra capabilities like hidden highlighters, light-up functions and more. 


Check out our pens at Https://www.promoproducts.com/office-writing-pens.htm


Printing Options 

You may not be aware, but there are many different ways pens can be imprinted: digital printing, laser engraving, pad printing and screen printing are some of the options. It’s even possible to print “click and show” messages on the pens.  One of our most popular requests from companies is including a printed pen in a kit or basket of assorted items, for example, a 25th Anniversary theme with a pen, coffee mug, t-shirt and some other accessories. Commemorative pens marking life milestones and other special events are an item that people who receive them keep around for a very long time. Now that’s a lasting impression. 



Check us out at https://www.promoproducts.com.

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