Keeping your employees looking profession

  • May 14, 2021

Keeping your employees looking profession while keeping them relaxed is not hard to do in today’s world.

Every year wearables change in functionality and design and this year is no different.  Apparel  tends to be more jackets for work and outdoor place, lots of hoodies included the newest cropped styles, and polos to wear at the office or for ZOOM calls.  Adding ECO friendly elements are very big right now.

Polls have shown that more than 7 in 10 employees are working from home, and more than half of those want to continue even after the effects of COVID has passed.  Keeping this in mind, we need to offer apparel that’s a mix of styles appropriate for work or work-from-home and outdoor events.  Styles need to now be endlessly useful and multi-functional.

Multifunction apparel  that is made to be both workwear and comfortable outdoor wear is now becoming a necessity.

Also, considering this, daily experiences, like taking the kids to school or sports practice, or even walking the dog (or cat), call for apparel catering more toward fashion colors, with your logo displayed.

Many people have a growing desire to spend time out of doors in nature following the pandemic, and taking walks, visiting parks, hiking, outdoor craft events, or even exercise classes have increased.  These are all opportunities for branded clothing that is appropriate to the activity.

Check with us for ideas.

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