Demand for Healthcare Products is Year-Round

  • Nov 8, 2019

With companies emphasizing health and wellness programs, healthcare products are always in strong demand. 

No matter what time of year it is, healthcare products are always in strong demand, with companies emphasizing health and wellness programs, and supporting employees who wish to live a healthy lifestyle. Items such as totes, pill trays and splitters, pill boxes, first aid kits, hydration/drinkware, medical history organizers, syringe pens, and scrubs are all go-to products that employees use to stay on track when it comes to healthy living.

 “As workforce and patient demographics shift the healthcare industry is experiencing staffing shortages”. “To remain competitive, companies are offering onboarding incentives and welcome packages which should include promos bearing the company logo. High-quality drinkware, bags, wellness items, and branded apparel show new employees they’ve joined a company that values them and sets the company apart from competitors.”

Home healthcare is another area where there is growth. Note that elderly patients that are released from facilities still require home health aide service. “Oftentimes services are recommended by word-of-mouth so high-impression promo items can really help spread awareness,”. “A magnet with contact information or a plush blanket that can be used by the patient are great promos that will last.”

 “There is a lot of interest in overall wellness right now, so healthcare providers like physical therapy facilities and insurance companies need to capitalize on this trend.” “Even doctor’s offices and hospitals can promote their services using overall wellness-themed items like stress balls or massage ball sets.”

We have seen an increased demand for custom scrub programs as younger generations seek individuality, while another  best seller is the wheelchair tote. “The tote is the perfect promotional item because it's useful, provides excellent targeted branding, and is often kept longer than our industry’s current average of seven months.

Tried and true sellers in this lucrative category, including medicine spoons, medicine trays, pill 

Case Studies

Josette Bosse, Bay State

A specialty health care center held an annual breast cancer symposium. They gave out our six-inch All-Week Pill Box to the attendees (oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, and other health care providers) to offer to patients and as a reminder to refer patients to their center. As a result, the relationship between this center and attendees has increased due to the event.

Every year an assisted living community would have the local health care center come to their site to give flu shots to residents. Before the doctors visited, the assisted living community gave each resident one of our Fever Finding Thermometers to remind them to get their flu shots. The health care center providing the shots had their contact information and dates they would be onsite print on the thermometers.

Carrie Lewis, BIC Graphic

A hospital system wanted to salute their dedicated nursing staff during Nurses’ Week. Each facility coordinated a recognition luncheon to honor nurses. Attendees were presented with a Transport It Tote filled with goodies as “swag bag” gifts. The nursing staff was appreciative of the recognition and used the bags to carry items to and from work. The administration was happy to present staff with a quality item that also displayed the logo of the hospital system. 


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