FREE…the magic word!

Nov 10, 2020

Getting free items can feel like winning the lottery. Whether it is a free sample at the grocery store or a free trial of your favorite streaming service, it is always exciting to get something for no...

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Fundraising during COVID

Nov 02, 2020

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, many fundraising events have been cancelled as part of an effort to diminish large crowds from congregating. Events such as walks, marathons, and other contest...

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Demand for Healthcare Products is Year-Round

Nov 08, 2019

With companies emphasizing health and wellness programs, healthcare products are always in strong demand. No matter what time of year it is, healthcare products are always in strong demand, with com...

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Fall Walk-a-thons

Nov 05, 2018

Fall is the time of year when many organizations hold Walk-a-thons. What a great idea to do fully customized tube socks for participants and also to sell as a fundraiser. These socks feature full co...

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Top 5 Fitness Trends in 2018

Nov 01, 2018

(American college of Sports Medicine Survey results) High intensity interval training Group fitness classes Wearable technology Bodyweight training Strength Training Promotional products hav...

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