Fundraising during COVID

  • Nov 2, 2020

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, many fundraising events have been cancelled as part of an effort to diminish large crowds from congregating. Events such as walks, marathons, and other contests have instead been swapped for a virtual version which is better suited for following social distance protocols. 

This represents a particular challenge as replacing these types of events with entirely virtual components lacks the physical connection of people moving together, which is critical for creating traction. 

Having said that,  there are countless ways you can use promotional products as a way to unify the virtual community, while increasing the reach of your message. Take a look below at some of the creative ways you can incorporate branded items into your virtual fundraiser.

Participants are often given free swag when they sign up or attend the fundraiser, which means you should continue to provide branded products for the virtual version as a way to entice people to participate. Apparel has the capability of bringing the virtual community together, although they may not be physically in one place. You can create a sense of team and camaraderie with branded t-shirts for athletes to use during the event to remind them they are part of a larger cause. Hoodies, jackets and other outerwear is particularly effective at eliciting emotional responses when branded with the event information. Recipients can fondly look back at their memories each time they wear your apparel.

Custom products can also be used as prizes for people donating online.  

For example, you can set up tiers, where if participants reach a certain donation amount, they in turn receive a gift. This encourages people to continue their fundraising efforts and rewards them for their participation. Branded tech accessories are a good option. As the fundraiser will be taking place virtually, it is important to provide products that invite people to connect with you on-line and will in turn help you create online traction. Products suitable for higher tiers of donations include drinkware, picture frames and cinch bags, alternatively you can package these items together to make a unique bundle.

Coordinating fundraising events has an added challenge, oftentimes these organizations are non-profit, operating with limited resources to promote their cause. Branded products are an inexpensive way to effectively promote a cause or or event. For cost effective options consider writing instruments, key tags and tote bags. These products can be given out as freebies to get the public familiarized with your organization and the work you perform. Additionally these products can be sent over mail inexpensively as they are lightweight and not fragile items.

Although the use of public spaces and outdoor venues may be currently limited in many places,  there are still ways you can bring the community closer together. Events organized for the purpose of raising funds and awareness for a particular issue have transitioned to the online sphere, which creates the need to promote, and entice people to join in. Promotional products are great resources useful for spreading the word about your cause, while encouraging participants to take part. Additionally they can help unify the virtual community, to create a long lasting bond for years to come.

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