For Earth Day 2021, Think Outside (the Box)

  • Feb 10, 2021

Every year on April 22nd, we honor Mother Earth with celebrations and events across the world. Taking time to inspire awareness and appreciation for the environment often includes promotional products that encourage re-usability, are made from renewable resources, produced with safe processes, etc.

With an ever-increasing interest in sustainability within the promo industry, Earth Day seems like the perfect occasion to help clients connect with their target audiences. Even with COVID-19 pandemic precautions in place, there are still plenty of ways for businesses and organizations to show their environmental commitment.

Here are our ideas for celebrations that people will be excited about for Earth Day 2021, and how promotional products can help extend the inspiration of the day.


Reward Clients for Being Green

Celebrating Earth Day shows that a company takes responsibility for their part of the global community. As a promotional products distributor, show your appreciation for clients’ green efforts with special Earth Day offers. Here are idea generators from that can be great for your business:

  • Discounts for customers who recycle or buy sustainable/green promos
  • Run a “bring in recycling” get a percentage off program
  • Ask client to share about their “green” experience with your business online for a perk/reward
  • Host a “green clients only” event once it is safe to do so in your area

Recognizing clients’ efforts can bring your business and customers together, uniting to make the world more sustainable!


Incentive-Based Recycling 

For workers who have returned to the office, Earth Day is the perfect time to launch or re-invigorate their recycling program – and incentivize it! Employee volunteers can create and monitor competition rules and increase visibility of recycling stations. Then, an app can link employees to see who recycles the most waste as well as set individual, team and overall goals. (1)

High-quality promos made with sustainable materials like the #32300 House of Marley® No Bounds Portable Bluetooth® Speaker are the perfect prize for competition winners. If the competition becomes an annual Earth Day event, consider an award like the #36567 Mova® Globe that can travel to the winning team each year to put on display in their department.


Community Connection

For clients who already have a sustainability program, encourage them to spread their eco-interests into their communities. They can reach out to neighboring businesses to help with their recycling efforts, participate in a beach/park clean-up or take on planting a community garden. It makes sense to celebrate Earth Day outdoors in the local community, and also makes sense to get maximum brand impressions while doing so. Outfit your green team in eco-friendly #A1973 Alternative® Tees or give community participants reusable goodie bags made from natural materials like the #15655 Jute Grocery Tote.


Inspire and Educate – Virtually

Events don’t have to be in-person to inspire! Earth Day provides the perfect opportunity for the education and collegiate market to teach students about green initiatives and expand their knowledge about doing their part with virtual events. They can also help companies that are building their sustainability programs form ideas and plans. So, just who is hosting these kinds of virtual Earth Day celebrations?

  • Parks & Recreation Departments
  • Zoos & Wildlife Centers
  • Museums
  • Yoga & Meditation Studios
  • Convention & Visitors Bureaus
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • And many more!

Promo products can help clients hosting virtual events spread the world to increase attendance or connect with participants afterward to extend the impact of their programs. Suggest including a mailable #45823 Koozie® Collapsible Eco Can Kooler to make event invitations more fun and memorable. Or follow up with a useful promo like the #16134 Osprey® Daylite Waist Pack, which encourages spending time outdoors and also comes from a brand with a strong sustainability stance.


Even during a pandemic, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Earth Day safely, so we hope you find these suggestions helpful for generating ideas! You can also visit to shop all our eco-friendly promos, just look for the KG Factor icon . While you’re there, learn more about our own commitment to Sustainability and Social Impact called Keep it. Give it.

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