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  • Jan 20, 2020



Stay ahead of the trends in 2020! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite products to inspire you with ideas and show you what’s hot for the new year. Each of our team members ranked their five favorite new promo products – read on to see what made the cut!

Joyce’s Favorite Products

  1. Light Up Interactive Charging Cable: The LitUp 3-in-1 charging cable lights up when plugged into a smartphone or tablet. The speed of the light’s flash varies depending on the power needed to charge your device. [link: https://handstandspromo.com/products/litup-2-0?_pos=2&_sid=bef2dedb7&_ss=r ]
  2. Dancing Robot Speaker: Let Dancebot put on a show for you! This Bluetooth speaker taps its feet and grooves in time with the music it plays. Watch this video to see him in action [product link: http://www.ktipromo.com/productView.aspx?id=813 ] ]
  3. Waterproof Earbuds: The DRIPZ waterproof earbuds can come for a run in the rain or even for laps in the pool. The branded case doubles as a power bank for the buds. [link: https://origaudiopromo.com/product/dripz-waterproof-earbuds/ ]
  4. Quick Charge USB Data Blocker: Protect your phone from any unwanted data transfer with this USB data blocker. Simply plug into a USB port and then plug in charging cable. [link: https://www.webcamcover.com/quick-charge-data-blocker ]
  5. Smart Water Bottle: The G3 Smart Water Bottle has a built-in reminder function to keep you hydrated and drinking water in a timely manner. Its customized LCD touch screen displays temperature, timer, and battery. [link: https://seidioelite.com/products/smart-water-bottle ]

Jessie’s Favorite Products

  1. Phone Mirror: The iShine phone mirror is a phone stand and pocket mirror all in one, perfect for makeup touch-ups or teeth checks on the go. [link: https://www.iclick.com/iShine_2?quantity=1]
  2. Silicone Drinkware: Silipint drinkware is durable, colorful, lightweight, and plastic-free. The original 16 oz. pint glass comes in 13 colors/patterns. [link: https://www.silipint.com/c/pint-glasses/]
  3. Earth Shaped Seed Bomb: This Earth-shaped seed paper is embedded with wildflower seeds – plant for a beautiful wildflower garden! [link: https://bloominpromotions.com/product/earth-1/ ]
  4. Smart Notebook: Although the Rocketbook Everlast feels like a traditional notebook, it is digital, endlessly reusable, and connects to all your favorite cloud services. [link: https://getrocketbook.com/]
  5. Hangover Kit: Headaches, clothing stains, and minor cuts are no match for the Hangover Kit! This kit has everything you’ll need to recover from a night out, including Advil Pain Reliever, Shout Wipes, Bandages and more. [link: https://www.safetymade.com/p/product/0504a7da-6d39-44b4-8630-801ffc7cb524/hangover-kit-1-0 ]

Stan’s Favorite Products

  1. Build-A-Book Customizable Notebook: Create the ideal notebook to represent your brand with Journalbooks Build-A-Book. Customize entire front, back, edges & spine. [link: https://www.journalbooks.com/products/build-a-book ]
  2. Sunbun Alert Stickers: Sun activated stickers turn blue to alert wearers when sunscreen needs to be reapplied. Perfect to promote safety at all-day outdoor events! [link: https://www.hitpromo.net/product/show/9191/sunburn-alert-multiple-day-event-sticker ]
  3. 3. Tommy Bahama Clothing Line: Popular at the ASI Show Orlando in January, the Tommy Bahama clothing line features fresh, tropical styles. [link: https://www.tommybahama.com/ ]
  4. 3D Stadium Wall Art: 3D stadium wall decor is easy to hang and makes an essential accessory for any fan cave. [link: https://www.youthefan.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=3D+WALL+ART+FSU+5+LAYER ]
  5. Wine Travel Case w/ TSA locks: A must-have for any jet setter or wine connoisseur: travel case with TSA approved locks guarantees a safe journey for your favorite wine, beer & spirits. [link: https://www.flywithwine.com/products/03-new-petite-8-bottle ]

Tom’s Favorite Products

  1. Quick Charge USB Data Blocker: Another vote for the Quick Charge USB data blocker! [link: https://www.webcamcover.com/quick-charge-data-blocker]
  2. Emergency Phone Charger: This mini keychain power bank is the perfect tech accessory when you need a quick battery boost. [link: https://www.iclick.com/P600-Flip_2?quantity=1&location=1 ]
  3. Smart Notebook: Another vote for the Rocketbook Everlast – feels like a traditional notebook, but digital and connects to your favorite cloud services. [link: https://getrocketbook.com/ ]
  4. Highlight Crayon Ballpoint Pen: This ballpoint pen does double duty with a highlight crayon on the opposite end. [link: http://www.onesteppromotion.com/Personalized-Highlighter-Crayon-Ballpoint-Pen-pd6319221.html ]
  5. Cooling Headband/Neck Wrap: The Chill Skinz cooling wrap is perfect for hot days spent outdoors. Just wet the towel and it stays 16 to 22 degrees cooler than the surrounding environment. [link: https://chillskinz.com/cooling-towel-specials.php ]

Robin’s Favorite Products

  1. Phone Mirror: Another vote for the iShine phone mirror, a phone stand and pocket mirror all in one. [link: https://www.iclick.com/iShine_2?quantity=1 ]
  2. Sport-shaped Yard Sign: These sport-shaped signs put a twist on the original yard sign with eye-catching shapes and imagery. [link: http://www.sportproducts.com/yardsigns.htm ]
  3. Wooden Wheel Barrow Blossom Kit: Grow the included seed pellet in this charming wheel barrow pot, constructed from natural pine wood with a protective plastic layer to protect from water damage. [link: http://www.illiniline.com/UI/-Wooden-Wheel-Barrow-Blossom-Kit.aspx?ptype=3&pid=1253 ]
  4. Wedge Mobile Device Holder: The Wedge is a phone stand and screen cleaner in one. It’s a fully customizable and multifunctional tech accessory that supports virtually all smartphones. [link: https://www.toddypromo.com/product/TOY-W/The-Wedge%2526trade-Mobile-Device-Stand.html?cid= ]
  5. Stacking Pill Organizer: This pill organizer is a must-have for people who take their vitamins or medications multiple times per day. Each day has its own separate compartment for morning, noon, evening, and bedtime doses; plus, days slide out for convenient transport. [link: https://themagnetgroup.com/stacking-pill-organizer-mk22 ]


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