Season’s Greetings: End-of-Year Gifts to Send a Message

  • Sep 29, 2020

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to start thinking about the season’s greetings your company or organization will send. End-of-year gifts and greetings are an opportunity to connect with clients and community, show your appreciation, and make a strong brand impact to last into the new year. Make your season’s greetings count with these ideas for gifts that speak!

Gifts to Say “Thank You”

One of the most important sentiments to express with end-of-year gifts is gratitude. Thank your clients or customers for all their support throughout the year and show employees how much their hard work is appreciated. A Sonata Comfort Stylus Pen gifted inside a Square Pen Gift Box is an impactful gift to show your gratitude.

Another great gift to give as a “thank you” is the Jolly Straw Tumbler. Your recipients will be able to sip on the go and show off your brand while they do. It’s great for iced coffee, water or any other cold beverages.

Gifts to Say “Happy Holidays”

The holiday season is the perfect time to connect with clients. Wish them happy holidays with a gift like Coconut Praline Pecans in a beautiful metallic gift box. Gourmet snacks bring comfort and provide a memorable experience! Another fun gift for the holidays is a Mirror LED Selfie Light that clips to users’ smartphones to help them take the perfect selfie. Or it can be clipped to a laptop for ideal lighting during virtual meetings.

Perhaps the best holiday gifts are ones you know will get plenty of use in the new year. The RuMe® Classic Medium Tote is a packable, reusable shopping bag. It folds up to fit easily in a purse, backpack or pocket – which means no more forgetting reusable bags on trips to the grocery store! Your clients will appreciate this useful gift.

Gifts to Say “We’re Thinking of You”

Let them know you’re thinking of them during challenging times with a relevant gift that will show you care. Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a perfect gift for anyone who works remotely or spends a lot of time at their computer screen. The lenses are designed to protect eyes from digital fatigue.

Another useful gift to show you’re thinking of your clients is a custom Sublimated Washcloth with a full-color, edge-to-edge imprint. They’ll think of your brand every time they use this practical gift.

Gifts to Say “You Matter to Us”

Gifts can show your clients that they matter to you. Let your brand be the one to shield them from the rain with a custom umbrella! The ONE Umbrella collapses to a small size to be carried on the go. Or gift a Pizza Cutter Set to keep your brand at hand in the kitchen. It’s great for slicing pizza, brownies, bread dough and more!

Another great way to show your clients that they matter to you is with a gift set. Choose a few products to group together for a truly memorable gift. We have plenty of options for boxes to beautifully package all your gifts, and we’re always here to help brainstorm ideas.

Your End-of-Year Gifts

Now is the time to start planning your end-of-year gifts and messages. What season’s greetings will your brand send? 

For questions, more season’s greetings ideas or to get started on your gifts, contact us today.


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